The Purpose of This Guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with quality instructions that are organized in the best way possible, making them convenient and simple to follow for anyone attempting to install a 3/4” solid oak pre-finished hardwood floor for the first time.  This guide is also meant to save you hours of headache and time wasted from making the mistakes that are inevitable for people who have never installed hardwood flooring before.  It is obnoxious how many problems you will encounter while installing a hardwood floor and even more obnoxious to try and figure out a way to solve each problem.  Throughout this guide we have provided suggestions and pointers on how to avoid these common drawbacks and pitfalls.  These tips are highly valuable because they are useful, easy to follow, time-saving and will make the installation process significantly easier and more enjoyable.  By reading and applying these concepts, you will successfully avoid the numerous mistakes that we had to learn from through installation experience.

    Although we cannot anticipate or address every possible problem you might encounter, we will provide a list of the most common ones that people face when installing a hardwood floor.  If followed, these guidelines will save you a huge amount of time and effort.  We have attempted to organize them in the most effective and helpful way possible, with detailed pictures to guide you along the way.  In the beginning of the first chapter you will see a list of the tools that we believe are necessary to achieve professional results and work as efficiently as possible. 

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