Important things need to consider before refinishing your hardwood floors


Renewing old hardwood floor is one of the most challenging tasks.  If your floor dull as dirt, then you have to explore the first-class methods for refinishing the floor. In general, dust and dirt makes hardwood floors look dingy. This is because ever-increasing requirements for unlocking the hidden beauty of the sad floor. You can concentrate on some important things for successfully restoring the dirty hardwood floors which lost their sheen.  The following details guide you to make a well-informed decision and refinish your floor as per your wishes.

The main types of finishes

There are three types of finishes homeowners can choose from for their floors. These options are polyurethane, varnish and penetrating sealer. Polyurethane has different degrees of luster with the impressive plastic looking finish. This method is a good option for high-traffic as well as high-traffic places. However, it is too difficult to find repair when gouged or nicked. Varnish comes in different lusters with high gloss being durable. This varnish darkens with become old, but slower than polyurethane. Penetrating sealer is the normal looking finish and used to bring the exclusive grain of the hardwood floor. This option is preferred by many people as it provides better protection when it gets waxed.

You may have an idea to refinish the hardwood floor on your own based on DIY videos online. You have to understand and keep in mind that refinishing the hardwood floor is too difficult and need the labor intensive to refinish. You can contact and hire a professional team with years of experiences in this sector. You will get the complete assistance and make a good decision to reap benefits from a proper use of the personalized yet affordable service from professionals in the hardwood floor refinishing sector.  People without expertise in the hardwood floor refinishing make some mistakes lead to pooling and discoloration.

Make an informed decision

Some people with expertise in the refinishing of hardwood floors think about whether they can invest in the latest sander or duster. They do not require buying such equipment for only use once. They can get in touch with the reliable hardware stores as well as home improvement centers specialized in the sander and duster rentals. They can rent the appropriate equipment and cut their costs down as expected. They must buy their own safety glasses and ventilation masks.

The lifespan of the hardwood floor is one of the most important things to consider. The first-class hardwood can last a century or about ten refinishing. On the other hand, the laminate only endures one refinish. The cost to refinish is another thing to keep in mind. This is because you have to be ready to afford for everything related to refinishing the hardwood floor as per your wishes. Do the scuff-sanding with a good buffer before using a coat or two for refinishing the hardwood floor when the wear does not reach the actual wood and the finish is minimally scratched.

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