Doorway and Wall Preparation

With the subfloor and hardwood ready to go it is time to prepare the walls and the doorways.  If you prefer, you may save the doorway preparation for when you actually reach a doorway.  To prepare the walls, simply remove the base boards with the pry bar while being very careful not to damage the wall.  Preparing the doorways is a little more difficult because you need to undercut the door jamb so the hardwood can fit comfortably underneath it without a noticeable gap.  This is where the Roto-Zip saw really comes in handy as we will explain in the following section.

Note: For door jamb undercuts you may use a handheld undercut jamb saw instead of the RotoZip.  The handheld undercut jamb saw is safer and not as expensive when compared to the RotoZip, but it also requires a lot more time and patience. 

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