Undercutting the Door Jamb With the RotoZip

Before attempting to use the RotoZip, refer to the RotoZip instruction manual so you can safely operate this power tool.  To prepare the RotoZip for undercutting the door jamb you will need to use the following RotoZip parts:

    •   DRIVE BIT




     Following the instructions found in the RotoZip instruction manual, first attach the DRIVE BIT to the keyless chuck.  Next, attach the ZM3 ZIPMATE RIGHT ANGLE ATTACHMENT and WOOD XWHEEL to the RotoZip.

    The next step is to remove the door so you can have easy access to the door jamb.  Then cut a piece of 5/8” thick particle board (approximately 15” long and 7” wide).  The particle board will aid you in making a flush cut.  Place it directly against the door jamb with the RotoZip on top as shown in these pictures.  Now you


Doorway and Wall Preparation

With the subfloor and hardwood ready to go it is time to prepare the walls and the doorways.  If you prefer, you may save the doorway preparation for when you actually reach a doorway.  To prepare the walls, simply remove the base boards with the pry bar while being very careful not to damage the wall.  Preparing the doorways is a little more difficult because you need to undercut the door jamb so the hardwood can fit comfortably underneath it without a noticeable gap.  This is where the Roto-Zip saw really comes in handy as we will explain in the following section.

Note: For door jamb undercuts you may use a handheld undercut jamb saw instead of the RotoZip.  The handheld undercut jamb saw is safer and not as expensive when compared to the RotoZip, but it also requires a lot more time and patience. 


Why 3/4” Solid Oak Hardwood Flooring?

Replacing our carpet with 3/4” solid hardwood flooring was one of the best decisions we ever made in regards to the remodeling of our house.  The solid oak has added a feeling of warmth, comfort, luminosity, well-being, cheerfulness, hospitality and luxury to our home.  It is absolutely amazing to see the many interesting options of finish, surface, species and stain of wood there are to choose from that are designed to improve the interior appearance of your home.  In many cases it’s the aesthetic improvement in itself that persuades a person to purchase hardwood flooring, but there are many advantages that hardwood flooring has to offer besides the elegance of interesting natural patterns and aesthetic improvements that we have just named.  Not only does it beautify your home, it increases its resale value significantly and should be seen as a long-term investment.  It is not uncommon for real estate investors


Important things need to consider before refinishing your hardwood floors


Renewing old hardwood floor is one of the most challenging tasks.  If your floor dull as dirt, then you have to explore the first-class methods for refinishing the floor. In general, dust and dirt makes hardwood floors look dingy. This is because ever-increasing requirements for unlocking the hidden beauty of the sad floor. You can concentrate on some important things for successfully restoring the dirty hardwood floors which lost their sheen.  The following details guide you to make a well-informed decision and refinish your floor as per your wishes.

The main types of finishes

There are three types of finishes homeowners can choose from for their floors. These options are polyurethane, varnish and penetrating sealer. Polyurethane has different degrees of luster with the impressive plastic looking finish. This method is a good option for high-traffic as well as high-traffic places. However, it is too difficult to find repair when …