Benefits and Advantages of Self-Installation

There are numerous advantages to installing a hardwood floor yourself versus hiring a contractor to do it for you.  One of the obvious advantages is saving money that would otherwise be spent on labor costs which ultimately add up to be extremely expensive.  For example, most home improvement stores offer to install 3/4” solid hardwood flooring for about $4.00 a square foot, which adds up to about $1,000 for the average living room size (about 250 square feet).  Self installation is obviously very beneficial by helping you to save that money.  After hiring a contractor, workers show up and are frequently rushed to complete the job because to them it is just that, another job.  Sometimes they may accidentally (or purposely to save time and energy) install faulty boards that don’t look as nice.  My sister and her family had professionals install their hardwood floor, and to their dismay many of the joints between rows are lined up creating a less visually appealing look.

    Another wonderful advantage of self installation is the quality of the work that is done.  We have really enjoyed the luxury of choice; having the opportunity to select specific boards whose colors and shades blend best with the floor moldings in the rooms.  It is very nice to have everything conform to your own personal style and taste.   Installing our own hardwood floor has presented us with a tremendous sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, and has also been a very enjoyable learning opportunity.

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