Here is a list of the tools that we believe are necessary to achieve professional results and work as effectively and efficiently as possible.  The use of each will be explained in greater detail throughout this guide.


Basic Tools:

-tape measure


-ear plugs

-safety goggles

-dust mask

-knee pads

-staple gun

-wood glue

-wood putty

-pry bar

-2” hardwood flooring cleat nails

-16 gauge 2” galvanized finish nails


-Hardwood Flooring Nailer (must have protective foot attachment to prevent      damage to boards) and rubber mallet

Note:  If you will be installing a lot of hardwood, consider purchasing the flooring nailer rather than renting it (since renting one may cost around $40 a day).  Purchasing a reconditioned flooring nailer is a good option especially if it comes with a warranty.

-Pneumatic Finish Nailer with air

compressor and hose


-Miter saw


-RotoZip RZ20 (with ZM3 Zip Mate)


  handheld undercut jamb saw

-Table Saw

Tools Required for Installation

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