Selecting the Best Boards


    Before installing the rest of the floor it is helpful to know how to select the best boards to use.  Each carton of wood contains unique planks of wood with a variety of natural patterns of varying colors and shades, so it is favorable to install the floor from several boxes at the same time to mix these choices and create the best final appearance that

blends nicely with the interior design of your home.  The floor looks nicest when the colors and shades match the floor moldings, so you may even want to preselect the boards that best suit your taste and style. 

Remember to always use boards that are at least 12” in length.  The shorter ones can be used in closets and less conspicuous areas of the house.  Be sure to carefully inspect each board before installing it because many of them may be more problematic than anticipated.  For instance, many boards might be crooked or bowed, other boards will be missing the tongue, some boards may be too narrow or too wide to use, etc. (refer to Chapter 5-“Problems You May Encounter” for a more detailed explanation).