Protruding Nails


    If you fail to strike the flooring nailer hard enough with the mallet, the nails won’t be driven in all the way which happens quite often when learning how to use this nailer for the first time. 

The nail set.

This may also occur if the pneumatic nailer fails to shoot the nail completely into the board.  At this point the nail set comes in handy by helping you to successfully push the nail the rest of the way into the board. 

    Sometimes the nail will be protruding a little too much which makes it very difficult to hammer in the rest of the way because these nails are weak and bend very easily.  If you can’t hammer it in with the nail set you will have to cut it off since trying to pull it back out of the board is nearly impossible.  A quick way to remove a protruding nail is to bend it

over and over again in different directions until it weakens and breaks off.  If it is too difficult to grip the nail and bend it, we have found that with your RotoZip you can cut it off quite effectively.


Note:  To cut off a protruding nail with the RotoZip, use the ZipMate Right Angle Attachment with the Metal Cut-Off Wheel installed.  Be sure to wear both hand and eye protection because sparks will be flying!