Making a Spline


    Many people choose to use a sacrificial board when laying wood in another direction.  In our opinion, a sacrificial board is a waste of a board and using one is totally unnecessary.  By installing a spline into the groove end of a board, you can start laying wood in the opposite direction without having to sacrifice a board.  The secret to making a spline is to buy the wood that is used to make a window screen frame.  This wood has to have the exact same thickness as the tongue of a board.  Using the table saw, cut it down to about 2x the width of the groove of a board. 

Note: Cutting a spline with the table saw can be dangerous.  If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, you may want to consider having a professional carpenter cut it for you.

    After the spline is cut it simply needs to be installed so it can act as the tongue of the board that you are switching directions from.  Use some wood glue to glue in the spline and use your hammer to make sure it’s in there nice and tight.  Now use your pneumatic nailer to blind nail it in and you are set to continue installing the floor!