When you come to the very last row that needs to be installed, measure to see if it fits while keeping no more than a 3/4” gap between the hardwood floor and the wall.  If it fits just fine, you’re in luck!  If not, you will have to use your table saw to cut the wood down to the desired width. 

Note:  By now you probably have a collection of boards that are missing the tongue.  Now is the perfect time to make use of them since you will need to cut the tongue off anyway to achieve the desired width. 


    Make sure you know how to safely use the table saw (refer to its instruction manual) since it is one of the more dangerous ones to use.  The table saw can easily tug on the board you are cutting which makes your hands and fingers very vulnerable, so use caution.  Cut the boards for the last row and cinch them in (since there is not enough space to cinch in the last row with the tapping block, spreader or wedges, you will have to use the puller to do the job).  Top nail the row in and congratulations!  You have successfully installed your first solid hardwood floor!  The last step is to fill in all gaps and holes in the floor with wood putty and install the floor moldings.  We hope that your do-it-yourself experience was as rewarding, satisfying, memorable and worthwhile like it was for us!

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Installing the Final Row