“Dry Laying” or “Racking” the Floor (optional)


    After selecting the boards to use, many professionals like to “dry lay” or “rack” the floor by laying the boards on the floor in the exact location where they want them to be

installed and then nailing the boards in as they go.  This method can be very fast and convenient.  Although the picture shows only six rows being racked, profes-sionals usually rack approximately two thirds of the room.  Start dry laying 6”

out from the hardwood that is already nailed down.  This will give you room to cinch the boards together with the tapping block.  The racking installation process is quickest and most efficient if you have three people available at the same time to install the floor:  One to lay out the boards, one to cinch them together with the tapping block and cut boards for the ends of a row, and one to work the flooring nailer.  If you choose to rack the floor like this, don’t cut the boards that will be installed on the end of a row until you reach the end of the row.  This way you will avoid wasting a board by accidentally cutting it too short.