Boards That Vary in Width


    Another example of problematic boards are those of varying widths that are usually just a fraction of an inch too narrow or too wide.  When a board is too narrow, it is usually a problem that is very subtle and hard to notice until after you have installed the board unawares and attempted to lay the next row.  It is while installing the next row that you will see the small gap that is present as a result of having installed a board in the previous row that was too narrow or too wide.  It is particularly obnoxious if you have to yank the board out and replace it, so make sure that each board is as wide as the manufacturer claims it should be.  It is when you start using boards that are more than 1/16” too narrow or too wide that you tend to run into problems.  If you install these problematic boards, you may discover later on that your alignment is slightly off and you will almost certainly have more gaps and spaces between boards than usual.  We have learned through experience that this problem is most common with short boards that are less than 14” long.