Boards Missing the Tongue


    Boards that are missing the tongue also tend to be a common problem.  Do not use these boards.  It is very important that all of your boards have a tongue and groove so they can properly interlock and stay intact during times of expansion and contraction.  If the tongue is damaged on only one end of the board you can cut off the damaged part and use it as an end board of a row.  If the entire tongue of a board is damaged, you may be able to use it later on when you come to the very last row.  The last row may require that you cut off the entire tongue with the table saw in order to fit it in place while keeping the minimum 3/4” gap between the wood and the wall (this procedure is explained in greater detail in Chapter 7-Installing the End Rows).  Consequently, it isn’t a bad idea to save boards that are missing the tongue.