As you continue installing rows it is a smart idea to check the alignment of the floor periodically (although adjusting the alignment usually isn’t a concern if you are working in a small room).  To check the alignment, use the tape measure to take

Adjusting the Alignment of the Floor

measurements from various points along the hardwood floor to the opposite wall.  If these measure-ments differ, the alignment may need to be adjusted.  This can be accomplished by placing coins in

between the boards you are installing.  The small spaces created by these coins will help the floor to gradually straighten out.  Keep the coins in place while installing additional rows so the flooring nailer doesn’t close in the spaces.  When the alignment is fixed, take the coins out and fill in the spaces with wood putty as needed. 

      The laser level is a very useful tool for checking the alignment of the floor, especially when you arrive to a new room and need to align the very first row of wood.  The laser has a setting that projects a vertical line and you can use this line as a guide for making sure the rows are installed straight.